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Jul 20, 2019
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James Fridman is a Photoshop artist famous for his quirky takes on requests made by people wanting to make alterations to their pictures. James gets many requests on his Twitter page, and he posts the best of his work regularly for all to see. Using his incredible talent, he can completely transform pictures into stunning examples of creativity and art … just not how you expect. Read on to find out what we mean, you’re in for some surprises.

42. Is that a Louis Vuitton original?‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌James is adept at taking your words and turning them into his version of an AI-generated Lord of the Rings script. The bottom line is, you should either be specific, or risk being turned into a garbage collector!

As this lady found out, her vacation got a whole lot stinkier!‌

‌41. Storm of the Century

Weather can be tricky, right? Usually people want to take photos when there is a lot of sun and you can see everything properly, but this is not the case with these two guys.

They wanted James Fridman to add some drama to their photo by putting a real thunderstorm in their photo. Well, they received exactly what they ordered!‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌Strong storm can be dangerous, you know, so be careful what you wish for.‌

‌40. You Look Really Cool

Of course, not everybody likes the beach. Some people prefer to have a cooler background and location for their photos.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌This young lady requested just that, and James obliged with a really fresh twist. Now her picture is preserved for future generations to view and wonder in awe.‌

‌39. No One Saw It Coming

You can trick the viewers by using Photoshop, but you can't trick gravity! It's the same for everyone, even if it's just a photo.

This lady was worried that her wedding picture was ruined by ф nasty pole, so she asked to remove it for good. Of course, James had to oblige and did exactly what she asked for.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌James Fridman's humour is very uncanny! We did not see it coming and probably neither did this couple in the photo. Without the pole the tent went crashing down, hiding the couple underneath it.‌

‌38. Hey, There! You Look Grate

We can all agree that spelling is important. One minor mistake can change the meaning of the whole sentence!

Of course, James is very careful when it comes to fulfilling other people's wishes. He gives them exactly what they ask for. So, if a girl wants to look like a grate, who is he to deny her that wish?‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌The end result looks uncanny. We bet the girl who asked for some Photoshop magic was really surprised by the outcome!‌

37. The Evil Genius‌

Looking at what James Fridman does with people's requests, we have to wonder whether he will run out of Photoshop jokes at some point. Do you think it's possible?

Well, judging by this photo that is highly unlikely! We couldn't have come up with a more cringe-worthy and hilarious way to play with this woman's request. He's a real pro when it comes to editing pranks!

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

His imagination just keeps on creating brilliant ideas that we all can enjoy. But we bet this young woman would stick to the original photo and not the Photoshopped version.

36. Something Went Terribly Wrong

It seems that James gets the most kicks out of writing mistakes. Seriously, though, he did exactly what the lady asked for!

She complained about a boy weirdly sticking out of her head and then instead of asking to somehow fix that, she asked to remove her head. Of course, James couldn't miss this opportunity to play with the words a bit.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌Now she probably doesn't mind the man sticking out of her head at all. It's definitely better than not having a head!‌

‌35. Might Come in Handy

Let’s call this picture “weird request number 350”. The young lady found her hands to be slightly off in the picture and wanted James to get rid of them.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌James was quick to remind her that she may in fact require their assistance some day and it’s better to leave them on.‌

‌34. The Darth Vader Girlfriend

We believe that having a photo with Darth Vader is one of the coolest things in the world, why would anyone want to fix that? Well, one couple wanted Darth Vader out of the way, but James decided otherwise.

The guy in the photo wanted to be alone with his girlfriend in a romantic setting, so he asked James to "fix it". You have to be more precise than that!‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌Of course, James fixed it the way he wanted it, so now the guy on the photo is having a romantic moment with his Darth Vader girlfriend. She looks quite stunning!‌

‌33. That's as Close as You Can Get

This sweet girl clearly likes cows and wanted to get closer to them, but for some reason she didn't do it for the photo. That's why she asked James for help!

Naturally, the artist couldn't simply add more cows to the photo - he decided to be more creative than that.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌That's probably not exactly what the girl wished for, but close enough! Maybe next time she'll just take the photo she wants without having to use Photoshop later.‌

‌32. The Embarrassing Statue

Have you ever taken a perfect photo and later realized you couldn't show it to anyone due to some embarrassing detail? Well, this is exactly what happened to this guy.

He took this cool photo on a trip and later realized he couldn't show it his Mom. Well, we don't think that he could embarrass his Mom by showing her a statue, after all, she's a woman as well. Still, he asked James to fix everything.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌Naturally, James did what he can do best - interpreted everything in his unique way. Well, the statue is fully covered know, so that's not a problem anymore. ‌

‌31. Yup, Properly Concealed

Fans reach out to James for help with many urgent issues. This woman wanted her (very) revealing top to look not so revealing.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌James was able to pull off this difficult task with some ingenious photoshop mastery like a truly skilled artist.‌

‌30. How Romantic!

A romantic day out on the beach can do wonders for a relationship. The sun, sand, and water make an exciting combination that can bring out our loving sides.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌This couple wanted to add a bit more romance and love to their photo. The result is truly amazing — a picture to treasure for a lifetime.‌

29. Why Were they Open?

I mean, what was she looking at exactly?

Did she notice a big zit on your forehead? In any case, James fixed the problem. You’re welcome.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

28. But… WHY?

Going to the beach with your friends is a great way to relax and chill. But leaving them behind to sulk in the background isn’t a very nice thing to do.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌Luckily, James was able to help this young woman bring her friend to the limelight. The thing is, it wasn’t exactly what she expected.‌

‌‌27. One with Nature

I find it heartwarming to see the love people have for nature. People are so in tune with the natural world, that they sometimes choose to become one with it.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌This woman wanted just that. With some photoshop magic, James was able to bring her even closer to nature. See the results for yourself.‌

‌26. The Perfect Nails

Of course, the first thing we look at in a picture is your manicured toenails, right? I mean, who could be so bold as to take a picture without having perfectly manicured nails?‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌No need to worry, though, because James is on the rescue. Just look at how he helped this distressed young woman with perfect nail polish and a manicure.‌

‌25. A Fine Breed

Photoshop can sometimes transform a dull and boring photo into a stunning work of art. As we all know, appearances do matter, don't they?‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌James was quick to add some highlights and creative strokes to this picture, and the happy couple, undoubtedly, loved the metamorphosis. Oh, sorry! Did she want a different breed?‌

‌24. Awkward!

As we saw before, signs are there for a reason.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌Leaving out necessary information can result in, well, some awkward moments. This girl wanted James to make the picture less awkward though. I think James did a great job!‌

‌23. Out of Sight, Out of Mind!

This young woman was feeling conscious of her reflection!?‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌As James pointed out, you can't feel wrong about something if it doesn't exist. With a few creative alterations, the image became ready to be posted across the web for the admiration of her fans. Good job, James!‌

22. ‌Love Knows no Bounds

This man wanted to add some sparkle to his love life. He chose the perfect partner and asked James if he could make the picture more "realistic".‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌James obliged the man's requests and showed us that clearly, love has no bounds. Who are we to judge! They look perfect together.‌

‌21. Weird Request Number 500

This is a beautiful photo of a young couple. However, the lady requested James to… make her boyfriend’s face “smaller”.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌We don’t judge, they say love is blind. James made sure that her boyfriend’s face was the ideal size. Just look at the amazing results.‌

20. ‌Playing with Perspective

Perspective can be fun to play with when it comes to photography. Just be sure to choose the right location for your photo shoot.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌As this man found out, perspective can add more meaning and greater depth to an image. James was quick to teach him a lesson in creative photography.‌

‌19. Sure…

Another group photo, another unwanted object in the foreground.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌This woman requested James to somehow hide the bald head that popped up on her picture. James did his best and I can barely tell that there was a head there in the first place.‌

‌18. Truly Equal

Group photos are great. A pack of close friends crammed together in the frame creating a memory to remember forever.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌Of course, not everyone is the same, and this young lady realised that too. She wanted James to make them all the same height, even though it would have helped if they were all either sitting or standing.‌

‌17. A World Without Bees

It's always a headache when you go to a PUBLIC place and end up with PEOPLE in your photos.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌How insensitive does one have to be to ruin a perfect picture by watering the plants?  James, being a thoughtful helping man, was happy to help. Just look at the results – amazing!‌

‌16. The Power of Flight

This young lady saw her photo and immediately found something missing.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌She reached out to James to help her remedy the problem and add some wings to the photo. The result is some of James’s best work in my opinion.‌

‌15. Which One?

Continuing the beach theme, this couple also requested James to make a few changes so that their picture could turn out perfect.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌As we said before, specifics are a touchy point for James. Anyone would get confused as to who this woman was referring to. James set the picture right though … I think.‌

14. Hitting on You

Fans of the Final Destination series might be familiar with this scenario.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌You’re standing there minding your own business and a truck hits you out of nowhere. Maybe that is what this girl was imagining when she made this request, but James decided to be a little less gruesome.‌

‌13. Close Enough?

Hollywood, the land of the stars!‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌This young lady wanted to get up close and personal with the big letters on Hollywood Boulevard and asked James to place her a little closer to the sign. James was able to fulfill her request rather well, don’t you think?‌

‌12. Strong and Independent

This young woman wanted a perfect picture with her boyfriend. Obviously, to James, it wasn't immediately apparent who was the boyfriend.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌So, he went with his instincts and completed this woman's request the best he could. The result – a stunning picture of the fair and a lack of context. What's with the extra arms lady?‌

‌11. Dinner With a View

This young woman reached out to James and wanted to remove a rather unpleasant object from her picture.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌With his signature style, James was able to add a luxurious setting to the image and made it truly Instagram worthy. Dinner with a view – a great way to spend an evening at the docks.‌

‌10. Clear Signs

As we said before, playing with perspective is fun and exciting. But to get that perfect picture you sometimes need the right props and having a context wouldn’t hurt.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌This young lady wanted to replicate the standard tourist pose a.k.a. the tower of Pisa pose. James helped her out by adding some additional elements to the photo.‌

‌9. A Look Into the Future

Sometimes, people ask for the strangest things! This young lady requested James for a rather unusual addition to her photo.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌James is a kind and loving person, so he fulfilled the lady's request. Now, tell us what you see, dear! Is it going to rain on Thursday?‌

‌8.There’s Nothing Classier than Pizza

No one likes discrimination, and neither does James. This young lady's request for a "classier" background turned horribly wrong after James was done with it.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌There's nothing classier than pizza, you know. It's the perfect setting for a fine dining experience. I'm sure the girl is more than happy with the results, or maybe she wanted a different topping.‌

‌7. Show Your Support

James doesn’t just add stunning backdrops to photos, he uses his platform to show support and raise awareness for things that matter.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌From personal improvement to motivation for self-acceptance, his Twitter feed is full of inspirational words. When this group of healthcare professionals wanted to add some cheer to their photo, James showed his support for their work in a wonderful manner.‌

‌6. Well, OK!

This young lady was conscious of the way her hands were looking in the photo.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌The lady requested James to add some of his magic for better results rather than, you know, taking a better picture. The result, to be honest, has raised more questions than the lady intended. Oh well, at least now her hands are in the right spot!‌

‌5. Steamed or Roasted?

This couple set out to enjoy the evening and find some local fauna on their adventure.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌Unfortunately, they couldn't find any ducks at the local pond. No need to worry, James pointed them in the right direction. Now they only have to decide whether they like it alive, steamed, or roasted.‌

‌4. It’s a Hot Day

Following the trend of teenagers being obsessed with looking “cool” with almost everything they do, this young man asked James to make him look “cooler” in his photo.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌James, the kind gentleman, took good care of the young man's request to decrease the temperature. Well, it’s a hot day!‌

‌3. A Few Inches Taller

This ambitious young man thought that it was a good idea to ask James to make him taller than his father in this lovely picture.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌James obliged with the only possible solution to the request. Can you still see the difference?!‌

‌2. Something Went Wrong

These guys were hanging out near the river and everything seemed nice, until they decided to take a photo.

What on Earth happened there? Two guys are looking perfectly normal, while the other one seems like he's passed out.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

‌Of course, the friends reached out to James to add a bit of creativity to the photo. The result is a true masterpiece of Photoshop magic.‌

‌1. Dial 007 Please!

This young man just fired a gun for the first time and wanted to look more like an agent. Well, …he didn't say what KIND of agent.‌

James Fridman (@fjamie013) | Twitter

With a bit of creative photoshop magic, James was able to give this young man a fruitful career as an estate agent. Guess he won't be firing anything now!

Go Jamie!

As you can see, it is best to be specific and straightforward if you want to avoid getting your words twisted and turned into a funny lesson by James. Head over to his twitter feed at to see more of his latest work. If you want, you could even send him a request. We advise being careful with your wording, or else you’ll end up being featured on his feed just like the people above.

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