James Fridman Keeps on Delivering Hilarious Photoshop Edits, And We Can't Stop Laughing

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Aug 13, 2019
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Not so long ago James Fridman has taken the whole Internet by storm with his hysterical Photoshop edits and if you were wondering what he's up to now, we can assure you - he's still as good as before! His quirky sense of humour seems to be getting only better with each passing year and his Photoshop skills are as sharp as ever. Here's a compilation of his latest masterpieces that will definitely make your day better.

What Is She Hiding There?

Asking James Fridman to alter one of your limbs is a recipe for disaster – or for a genius work of art, it all depends on how you look at it. This woman must have known who she was dealing with when she asked the Photoshop pro to give her a hand – well, quite literally.

And even if she didn’t – now she knows just how smart James Fridman can be! The woman was worried she looked weird with one arm missing, so he came up with a genius idea to hide her other arm as well.

If you look closely you will notice that his caption actually makes sense – she IS hiding something behind her back! Can you spot it? Yep, it’s that delicious taquito on her plate, on the first photo there are three of them and on the second one there are only two left.

Now That’s Unexpected

This is actually quite nice! Usually, James Fridman is ruthless when it comes to removing objects from photos, especially when some poles and sticks are involved. We’ve seen him do some pretty quirky Photoshop edits before, but this one is somehow different.

Was James Fridman in a good mood? Did he win a lottery that day? Anyway, we love how the photo turned out – it’s still weird and funny, but in a cute way. This woman could actually share this photo on her social media!

Well, she’d probably share it anyways since it’s James Fridman’s masterpiece, but it’s good to see him do something nice for a change. Not that we don’t appreciate his amazing sense of humor!

The Real Horror

It turns out James Fridman is not only good at creating hilarious Photoshop edits, he also knows a thing or two about scary stuff. And we mean the actual horror that we all encounter on a daily basis, not some CGI monsters and evil ghosts.

This real life horror is definitely something we can all relate to! The edit is also very Halloween-inspired and looks like a poster from a horror flick (that we probably wouldn’t want to watch).

He mentioned almost everything – medical debt, unaffordable housing, unemployment crisis, tax rise, and high energy prices. The only thing we’d probably add to this is ‘gas prices’ with a little bit of quarantine restriction drama that has taken over the globe once again.

Now She’ll Want All That Sunlight Back

Don’t you just love a little bit of sunshine on your face? It just makes you feel good about yourself and rises the energy levels. Well, we might love sunshine, but this woman is different – she hates it on her face!

Well, it does look a bit off on the photo – you either take a photo in the shadow or in the sun, everything in-between will just look weird. So, this woman wanted a makeover for her sunlit face, but she probably was a bit rude when asking James Fridman for a Photoshop edit – because he removed not only sunlight, but even changed the season!

Now she’s chilling (quite literally) in the cold and snow and her face isn’t even visible under all those white layers. That’s what you get for messing with the sun!

Why, James, Why?

Well, we understand why James Fridman did this hilarious Photoshop edit – after all, that’s exactly what the woman asked him to do! And for once, the artist delivered without any hesitation and extra elements he likes to use in his works.

This photo is both cringe-worthy and hilarious – it’s so bad it’s actually good! We aren’t sure this is the image the woman had in her mind, but frankly speaking, we can’t imagine what she was going for.

The work James had done seems legit! It also has some kind of an ethereal feel to it. The woman in the photo is actually very beautiful, so we hope she doesn’t need any Photoshop edits in the future.

The Iron Woman

We’ve all heard of the Iron Man and his amazing deeds, but what about Iron Woman? What’s her story?

Well, it appears there’s not much to tell yet, apart from the fact that she apparently loves ironing and considers this one of her superpowers. But she does look quite stunning with that ironing board!

The request seems a bit hilarious itself – seriously, woman, you are already perfect, no wrinkle on your stomach can spoil that! James Fridman somehow managed to make her look even more stunning, in a quirky way.

Even James Fridman Isn’t All Powerful

Ah, just look at that mess… No wonder James Fridman had a hard time fixing that photo! It was easier to just cover the whole thing than fix the chaos those girls created on the floor.

It’s also a bit hard to tell which items are ‘extra’ and which are not. Is the mirror on the wall an extra item or not? Jamie thought that it was, so he just removed it from the picture.

Well, without the mirror there wasn’t much left on this photo, of course, that’s why we ended up looking at a bare wall. This is kind of brilliant!


What is it about friends and relatives who always try to make us feel bad about ourselves? Instead of saying something good many of them just find some details in our appearance to poke fun at us.

Well, some people believe they are actually doing as a ‘favour’ because no one will tell us that our neck is too long or our bum is too big (which, most of the time, is just their subjective opinion).

We believe those types of people are toxic and you should just stay away from them. James Fridman is hinting that this guy’s neck is not long at all, at least not long enough to make fun of him.

This Is Not Weird at All, Nope

Couple pictures are never boring – most of the time the people in the photo look happy, but there are also other times when something awkward happens. Of course, we never show those weird photos on social media, but we secretly dream to somehow fix them, especially when the shot is good, apart from a few details.

Well, in this photo, the detail is quite obvious – the guy’s hand on his girlfriend’s hip looks absolutely out of place! Like it belongs to someone else.

James Fridman probably thought the same and ‘fixed’ the photo by adding one more man to the scene. Now it looks beyond creepy!

Feeling Truly Inspired

Sometimes we see Photoshop requests and we just can’t wrap our heads around them… What is James Fridman going to do with that? But then we see the result and can only laugh out loud due to his genius ideas.

Most people don’t look anything close to inspired when they pass out, but this guy seems to be the exception to this rule. It’s like he’s having the best time of his life!

At least, Fridman’s incredible Photoshop edit makes us believe that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s not the most comfortable position to play the violin, but we kind of dig it!

This Escalated Quickly

James Fridman has a rare talent of turning perfectly normal, mundane photos into quirky works of art. This one is so kitsch!

The girl just wanted to see a little bit more of nature with some water and greens to compliment her beautiful outfit, but James decided to take things even further and created some company for her. But why Shrek, out of all the characters that exist out there?

Well, he is green, so we  can’t really blame him for not following the girl’s request, but we believe he did go overboard with this one. But it still looks so cool!

The Best Album Cover Ever

James Fridman is so popular now that even bands ask him to edit their images. We don’t know what they expected from this request, but we believe that James Fridman delivered in the best way possible.

After all, they did ask for more metal, so he did exactly that – added some metal and turned them into tin men! We can’t help but notice a certain Wizard of Oz reference, and it makes this Photoshop edit just so much better.

Now this band has the most original cover in the world. This photo just screams ‘metal’! And what more could a metal rock band want?

Was That Car So Bad?

We have no idea why this couple didn’t like the car – it’s not a bad-looking vehicle at all. Of course, when it comes to wedding photos you want everything to be perfect, but they should have probably thought about that before taking the shot.

But what’s done is done! The couple is there, the car is there, and the pretty building is standing there as well. So what did James Fridman do? Nope, he didn’t magically delete the car from the scene because that would have been too boring.

Instead, he granted the bride and the groom with hilariously long limbs. We can’t even look at this photo without laughing! It’s just hilarious.

They Grow Up So Fast

When this teen was asking for a photo edit, she probably had no idea what she was getting into. Well, we would have been surprised, too! You just never expect to see yourself 60 years later when you get your photo edit.

But look at all those details! Not only did he switch the number and somehow magically made the girl look like a grown-up woman in her 70s, but he also took notice of her figure that would change in time and even the tree in the background.

That tree behind the woman is like a cherry on top of this masterpiece, taking it to a whole new level of awesomeness. This guy is a real Photoshop pro!

Welcome to the States

Russians love travelling just like the rest of us, and this man in particular wanted to magically shift from a beach in Russia to some place in the U.S. Well, we can’t blame him for the desire to change the scene, but of course, James Fridman had his own understanding of what exactly this guy wanted.

Well, we can’t say that James Fridman didn’t deliver exactly what was asked of him! After all, the guy didn’t specify where exactly he wanted to end up, so the Photoshop artist could do whatever he wanted – and so he did.

Well, frankly speaking the guy was asking for it. Naturally, James Fridman had to use his skills to the fullest and move this guy somewhere, uhm, unusual.

Oops, He Lost

Why would you want to fight with a goose? The request is as surreal as the Photoshopped result!

But we must admit that James Fridman used his imagination to the fullest and delivered one of the best edits ever – it’s just so funny and clever!

James Fridman is popular not only for his amazing editing skills, but also for his savage sense of humor, which shows in all his works. This is what makes thousands of people follow him on all social media accounts!

That’s Brilliant!

When it comes to James Fridman and his amazing edits, you should always specify what exactly you want and who is asking!

While it may seem obvious to some people, Fridman is very picky when it comes to creating his Photoshop masterpieces, so if you’re asking to erase some dude from the back, you should always specify which one.

Here, James Fridman was asked to erase some guy in the back, and he did! And we can’t really blame him – this doggo looks beyond cute in the foreground.

Spookiness Overload

When we’re writing texts on the Internet we often forget just how much spelling matters. Sometimes it’s all that matters, actually! And when you’re writing a request to James Fridman, spelling is not something that should be taken lightly.

We get why this woman wanted to have a nice photo in front of the Eiffel tower, although we believe people should not lie about their travels to impress anyone, but there was just one mistake she did that changed the whole outcome of the photo.

When you ask for an Eyefell tower – you get an Eyefell tower. It’s as simple as that! Be careful what you wish for.

Operation Gone Wrong

In the world of Photoshop edits cutting out limbs and body pieces isn’t unheard of, in fact, it is done quite often. But when someone asks you to transfer the head from one photo to another, it makes you wonder… There are so many weird and funny things you could do!

At least, we think that’s what happened when James Fridman got this slightly cringe-worthy request and decided to deliver in the weirdest way possible. Well, he did what was asked of him, in a way.

The woman didn’t specify how exactly she wanted that head to be placed, so he had full freedom to decide for himself. And so he did! And this photo is hard to look at without cringing, but we still think it’s kind of cool.

Be Careful What You Wish For!

There are so many ways James Fridman could have gone about this request, but he went in a totally different direction once again. Usually, changing the background is one of the easiest editing ‘tricks’ even total newbies can do, but of course, James Fridman is far from that.

The girl obviously wanted a more romantic setting and the Photoshop artist delivered. Their new location looks much more intimate! There’s definitely more privacy behind that fence.

We aren’t sure this couple will eagerly share this photo on social media (after all, we can hardly see them there), but it’s definitely one of the smartest Photoshop masterpieces by James Fridman.

If Only James Could Remove This Guy's Ego

We realize it’s all fun and jokes when it comes to people asking James Fridman for Photoshop edits, but still, there’s a line one shouldn’t cross, especially when talking about women.

Seriously, though, what was this guy thinking? The woman looks perfectly normal and beautiful in the picture, so it’s probably the man who is having some issues. Well, James Fridman picked up on that, too!

Instead of Photoshopping an already beautiful woman, he hinted to the guy that he should look at himself first. If he wants a perfect date, maybe he should just date himself!

Like Kim Kardashian

Do you remember that time when every girl wanted to be like Kim Kardashian, trying to mimic her unnatural style? Well, that craze is still there to some extent, but at least James Fridman is getting less requests like that lately. Or maybe not?

This woman wanted to get bigger bums, like those of Kim K, so the Photoshop artist gave her exactly that – and then some more on top!

We don’t think anyone can get bums bigger than that and, frankly speaking, we wouldn’t want to see it. James Fridman used his usual ironic style of Photoshopping and we aren’t disappointed.

He’s Just Too Clever

When being out in the nature we want to enjoy the greenery as much as possible, but some of us also want to make those picture perfect selfies to post on social media. It’s just how modern humans are wired!

Naturally, this girl didn’t want some sign to spoil her perfect green background, so she asked James Fridman to remove it. But did you pay attention to what that sign actually said?

Yep, it’s about responsible human beings cleaning up poo after their pets. This sign is very important! So what happens if you remove it and let the doggies roam around and leave their droppings everywhere? Yep, this girl ended up with a very smelly selfie!

Not the Smartest Choice

It’s funny how people ask to erase innocent bystanders from their photos and even call them names… But why did they take those photos in the first place? Or did this guy not notice a grown-up woman being in his pic?

James Fridman seems to be the type of man who doesn’t tolerate guys acting like jerks, so he did the only thing he could do in this situation – he erased the guy himself!

Now it’s just a picture of a woman enjoying a beautiful view and no weird guy complaining about erasing her from the photo. By the way, didn’t he hear about the crop feature? Every smartphone has it these days.

Oh, Deer

This woman must be a real fan of animals – having one cute little sheep in the photo was obviously not enough, so she decided to add some more wilderness to the picture.

Well, we can’t really blame her because deer are awesome creatures, noble and beautiful. They are wild animals, so spotting one is not so easy, especially when you’re travelling with your boyfriend. Deer like a calm and quiet atmosphere, and a couple of people roaming through the forest or park is far from that.

Well, James Fridman came up with an unconventional way to insert a deer in this photo and we can only laugh out loud looking at it. It’s brilliant! Now the girl has a deer, but she kind of lost her boyfriend…

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